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20. mona lisa [supertuts20]  (24.10.2023 20:55)
hello, if anyone is still here, does anybody have a lossless/high quality sound file of Slyder's discography?

19. Dániel Murmann [murmanndaniel2010]  (15.09.2023 19:07)
I can't download the files sad :(  pity, but they are very good music!

18. Víctor Martínez [thevictormanx]  (19.09.2022 15:50)
Missing link for emajn, would love if you guys posted it again. Greetings from Mexico

17. Tails Production reserved [tailsx08]  (11.09.2022 19:53)
For now (11.09.2022) the BandCamp link is already dead.
Any chance to get tracks for remixing purposes from anywhere?

16. ENIXIE [alexxgolovanov]  (05.12.2020 21:02)
Hello, I want to get lyrics on these tracks, where can I do it?

15. Nicodemo Mora [moranicodemo]  (02.05.2020 07:47)
Wena cabros, me gusta su música y wea, los conocí por GTA III y la verdad es que es bien de pana su música. Saludos desde Chile.

14. David Wade [davidmichaelwade06]  (28.05.2019 11:42)

13. Edgar O. Herrera Borraez [odgarhb]  (28.11.2016 00:54)

12. Geoff   (31.10.2014 10:09)
Any chance you guys would be willing to post the stems to some of your older tracks for remixing purposes?

I still remember listening to the Anti-Venom Mix of Madness back when it first came out and was wondering if you'd let some of us remix tracks like that for fun.

Hope you guys are both doing well!

11. Edgar   (11.08.2014 07:59)
Your music is the best U.S. Trance that i have heart in my life. Please come back, ineed listen to your music in the radio again

10. Tully   (05.06.2014 22:44)
Cool music. Have followed you guys for years and your music has given me inspiration and made an impact of my life in such a positive way. Thanks.

9. Jaroslav   (06.04.2014 01:40)
i love neo and score it s best trance ever, greeting from czech

8. SlyderYouAreTheBest   (27.12.2013 19:42)
Hello Slyder I'm your big fan, your music is the best. I hope you "still making new music" because I want more!!! Please, come back to makng music. Do you know that you have big group of fans who are waiting for next songs? Yes, it's true! Sorry for my english, i can't speak very well biggrin I hope you understand me happy

7. jeremy cooper   (25.10.2011 11:32)
great stuff, my cousin intro me back n day, i'm so grateful to find you again. Really truly inspiration, you have a blend of my soul ty so much, God be with you and bless you

6. Zero Response   (26.08.2011 06:29)
i would like to remix some tracks if possible contact me

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